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Has it really been five years?

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  • Has it really been five years?

    This forum... I guess in a way it acts as a time capsule of sorts. Between 2007 and 2010 I posted using two different accounts. I was browsing through my old posts and I noticed something: these two old accounts contain very different versions of me. In the first account, I was on the cusp of turning 18. I had lived through the pain of having my heart broken. I bitched about my job at Wal-Mart non-stop. I saw a few reviews I made of various media. I was a restless teenager.

    The second account was one I made in college. College was tough for me, as I learned various things about myself that have shaped me into the woman I am today. I remember that I made a post where I came out publically to everyone, but for the life of me, I can't find it. I probably deleted it at some point as I was shamed by people outside the forum in meatspace into being less than who I really am. Of course, I bitched about various things in college, C++ primarily and what I have come to accept as my eternal love/hate relationship with software engineering in general.

    Since I stopped posting here, so much has happened in my life that I almost laugh at how trivial my past problems were. I found love. I experienced how much more painful it is to break someone's heart when it's done out of necessity. I graduated college and got my first engineering job. I was fired for the first time from a salaried position. I found a second job, this time as an engineer in the field i set out to be a part of in the first place, video games. I've moved from my parents place, to a shitty apartment, to renting a decent townhome.

    I've grown so much that I can barely recognize the man I used to be. The similarities are still there, but the woman I am now is a far cry from him.

    Hi, I'm Miki, and I think way too much about shit.

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    Has it really been five years?

    I looked up my old usernames and found that my last activity on this forum was back in 2010. I was 20 at the time. Just getting ready to graduate from the garbage college that I attended and only a year away from my first engineering job. Looking back further through my old posts, I see that this forum is almost like a time capsule of sorts. It's a bit nostalgic really. All of the things I used to take stock in and the things that I thought mattered simply don't matter anymore. I found the old post that I made when my first girlfriend and I broke up after four years of dating in high school. I found the old posts I made about the nightmare of working at Wal-Mart on black Friday. Now I'm an engineer working at a stable job with management that isn't full of complete psychos. Though for how much it doesn't matter anymore, I still find it funny to look back on the experiences that made me the woman I am today.

    Hiya! I'm Miki! Nice to meetcha! **braces for the inevitable pouncing**


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      Welcome back

      Things have slowed down, people still poke around.

      A bunch have found their way to that faceslapbook thing a majig or what not...

      But beware there are still some old farts here...

      *shakes cane at SEObots*
      ***I'm quiet in a homicidal yet to kill people sorta way***

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        thumbs up.